Serigraphy... "Screen Painting"Screen-Printing Illustration

A work of art created using the Silk-Screen has a much different look and feel than art made in any other medium! One remarkable screen characteristic we often employ is the smooth gradation of colors, made with a single stroke of the squeegee. These blendings can range from rich darks to brilliant whites,or through a spectrum of color. Paints applied through the silk-screen can be transparent or opaque, and have a very pristine surface quality.

Each sheet of paper, in turn, receives a similar stroke, decisively applied by the artist. Many such gradations combine to form the final work, its success a measure of the artist's skill with his tools, and his creative vision of that image.

In short, a Screen-Painting is a layering of paint on paper, a metamorphosis, guided by the artist's concept, and dependent on his intimate knowledge of the medium.

Like the paintbrush, the squeegee and silk-screen can be used in many different ways: most screen-printers are engaged in copying something; but the same tools can be used to create Original Work, that takes advantage of the unique character of the medium... and that is how we approach it at the Arra Studio.

To differentiate our original work from commercial reproduction, we term our works Screen-Paintings. They are also "Multiple Originals".