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In 1980 Elizabeth and Hal created their first series of serigraphs:
The Days of the Raven. These images were based on the photos by Edward Curtis and from the archives in Victoria, of the Kwakiutl tribes, Pacific Northwest Coast, from the early 1900s. The serigraphs were sold as sets, and the editions are almost completely sold out.

The Alliance The Journey The Message The Vigil

Released to galleries in May of 1981, a series of 5 serigraphs that celebrate the beauties of the West Coast.

Snowspell High Summer Rendezvous Wind and Sea Passage

In the later part of 1981, Liz and Hal had finished 8 more editions, 4 of which were reflections on the city of Vancouver , BC, and the other four images were simply interesting subjects at that time!
Red Sky at Morning Birds of a Feather Greenspace Once upon a Wall
Turn to Winter Tableau Eclipse Interlude

1982 we revisited the Vancouver skyline, went camping, made a foray into abstract art, and made a serigraph with photographic separations. Also in September of 1982 in Vancouver, Liz and Hal's daughter Liana was born.

Daybreak Ridgewalk Foxtails Odyssey Odyssey

1983 was a busy year living with a toddler in an 800 square foot apartment overlooking English Bay, in the West End of Vancouver. A few editions were made, a choice from numerous ideas, to develop the ones that seemed most intriguing, including a triptych of a crater.

Sundance Light Through a Small Flower Inner City Odyssey Sea of Clouds

Working along on other ideas of interest, Liz and Hal published 9 editions of serigraphs in 1984, but did not print the entire edition . Working on just 50 pieces of paper, the image can "come up" in a matter of days instead of weeks ( layers of paint through stencils on silk screens, each set up, registered, color mixed and printed, and cleaned up... the number of imprints required varies ... and is part of a very fluid process ! ).   If the image is a good seller, we can print some more (which is called State 2)  with a better understanding of the desired effects in the piece. Note:  this can give rise to quite a different version of the image than State I !   

Odyssey title Summer Snow Stepping Stones title title

In the summer of 1984 Liz and Hal made a trip to Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic with a Pouch double collapsible kayak . Sketches and photos made on that adventure became the basis of the Arctic Series.  Also a slide show called “Through the Ice Gate”  was made from Echtacrome slides, that was shown on CBC at the time, and also published as text in Explore magazine  ( link to pdf)

Aqua Moving Light Tidal Zone Aqua Water Sky

1985: Zephyr


1986: Out of the Sun, Now and Then, Through the Narrows to the Open Sea, add Inner Harbor and Arctic Reach

Out of the Sun Now and Then Through the Narrows to the Open Sea

1987: Great Northern Divers, Rainbow Trout, add Grise Fjord (triptych)

Great Northern Divers Rainbow Trout

1988: North 76 Degrees (triptych) Tip of the Iceberg, add Landforms 1 and 2, Pinnacle of Ice

North 76 Degrees Tip of the Iceberg

1989: Arctic Waters I and II, Herodier, Ice Blink, Open Water (diptych), add Ursa

Arctic Water I Arctic Water IIHerodier Ice Blink Open Water

1990: Transpace I-V, Out of the Blue, Whispering Sea (diptych), Islet, The Fall, Strait of Georgia, Haven

Transpace I & III Transpace Out of the Blue Whispering Sea

islet The Fall Mallard Haven

1990 Mandala Series: First Light Vancouver, Coastal Islands, Orca Cavort , Evening Rounds, Forty Winks, Terra Bovinica

First Light - Vancouver Coastal Islands Orca Cavort Terra Bovinica Forty Winks Evening Rounds

1991: Windy Point, Sand Bridge, add Landforms III and IV

Windy Point Sandbridge

1992: Vertical, Grove and Horizon, Ever Green, Night Fall, On the Step, Kluane, add Cat Tails

Vertical Grove Horizon EverGreen Nightfall On the Step Kluane

1993: Fjord, Arbutus, Regatta, Saddle I with Mallard, Saddle II with raven

Fjord Arbutus Regatta The Saddle I The Saddle I

Flower Series: Crocusci, Dahlia, Thistle, Hibiscus, Poppy, Iris

Crocusci Dahlia Thistle Hibiscus Poppy Iris

1994: Out of the Woods, Reach, Umbra II, Arb, add Umbra I, Cloudmaker

Out of the Woods Reach - serigraph of a Pacific fjord, cloudburst, and great blue heron Umbra Arb

1995: Sea Cave, Strand, Water's Edge, Eagle Pass, Gamble

Sea Cave Waters Edge Strand Eagle Pass Gamble

1996: Soundscape and October

Mallard October

1997: Alllusions, Rhythm of Light, Vermillion, Port 'O Call Vancouver, Ponderosa, Sentinel, add Rainier,

Allusions Rhythm of Light Vermillion Port 'o Call - Vancouver Ponderosa Sentineladd Rainier

1998: Canyon, Iron Horse, The Leap, Nimbus, Red Roofs of Rossland ( date?)

Canyon Iron Horse The Leap Nimbus

1999: Citizen Cat, Forest, Mallard, Red Pioneers, The Cat, Young Jays

Citizen Cat Forest Mallard Red Pioneers The CatYoung Jays

2000: Snowy Owl Snowy Owl 2001: Aerie, Deep Cove, Lasqueti

Deep Cove Aerie Lasqueti

2002: Snow Ghosts on Granite Mountain

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