Images of the Pacific Northwest- Serigraphs by Elizabeth Scott and Hal Lindhagen  

Aerie EverGreen Nightfall Sea Cave Forest
Arbutus The Saddle I Lasqueti Fjord Windy Point Sandbridge Deep Cove Mallard Waters EdgeStrand Reach - serigraph of a Pacific fjord, cloudburst, and great blue heron Mallard Whispering Sea
Vermillion Nimbus Mallard Gamble

Great Northern Divers
Rainbow Trout
October Arb Umbra Haven islet Kluane Coastal Islands Regatta Summer Snow Mountain Wave Rhythm of Light

In 1980 Elizabeth and Hal created their first series of serigraphs:
The Days of the Raven. These images were based on the photos by Edward Curtis and from the archives in Victoria, of the Kwakiutl tribes, Pacific Northwest Coast, from the early 1900s. The serigraphs were sold as sets, and the editions are almost completely sold out.

The Alliance The Journey The Message The Vigil

Released to galleries in May of 1981, a series of 5 serigraphs that celebrate the beauties of the West Coast.

Snowspell High Summer Rendezvous Wind and Sea Passage

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 (c) Elizabeth Scott and Hal Lindhagen